Thursday, September 10, 2009

Xanya over

Just watched the Storyteller episode where Andrew films all his interactions and we get his spin on things. I found the most touching parts to be the Anya and Xander parts. Across 3 scenes we see them come to the conclusion that even though they love each other, it's really over between them. Totally tugs as the heartstrings.

Overall, I really liked this episode, more so than the others in like, oh, the last season and a half. We don't get as much of Buffy's speechifying, the tension between Principal Wood and Spike is ratcheting up, and I like how Andrew's use of the camera and fantasizing to rationalize his actions is called out and he does come through in the end.

Okay, I only have 6 episodes before the end. Looking forward to how all the Potentials are converted into actual Slayers and the Watchers Council are kicked out. Also, my Buffy Season 8 comix should be coming to me next week.

In the meantime, I will plug away at work. Got a grant proposal deadline I'm trying to meet by COB tomorrow, instead of Tuesday next week. Was hoping to take tomorrow off since I have a work thing on Saturday, but looks like I'll have to work Friday. Suppose if I turn off all distractions, I could get it done. Might actually still could. And despite that last sentence, yes, I do write for a living (partially).

Father in law is in town for a visit. His health is not good. He had a stroke and aneurysm decades ago and his left half is pretty much paralyzed and he walks with a cane. Yesterday we walked a block up a slight hill to dinner. He's walking much slower now. By the end, he could barely stay upright, his good arm and leg shaking and literally collapsed into his chair at the table. Good thing we've rented a scooter for him to use.

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Hope you get the grant done!