Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ready for Next Project

For the 4th time or so, I've had to rip back rows and rows the of the chunky sweater I'm knitting in the round. I keep forgetting to make the decreases where necessary and somewhere along the way, the number of stitches on the 2 fronts stopped matching. It's really getting on my nerves.
I'm dreaming of the next project I want to make, and this post by Jane Brocket makes me want to make a super stripy afghan.
However, the sweater is really close to being done, or would be if I had paid closer attention so wouldn't have to keep ripping back. Plus it's for someone else, so I really do need to finish it.
I'm really happy with the way the Hermia cardigan turned out . It's my 4th sweater I've knit for me and finally I have something I actually wear outside the house. So I'm psyched to make another cardigan for me to wear.

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Stacey said...

Those stripes look incredible together. What gorgeous fabric! My quilt store had a big sale this weekend. I went in to sign up for a class at the discounted rate and to apply my $50 gift certificate to it. Matthew gave that to me as a Christmas gift last year. Sadly, the only time the class is offered this fall is on a Friday, so I can't attend. She said it will be offered on both a Friday and a Saturday in the first part of the year, so I can take the Saturday one. It is a machine quilting class. All I've done is straight-line quilting and I really want to do fun things like shapes and swirls and stuff.

Since the certificate expires at the end of the year, I HAD to use it up and I applied it toward a fun kit. The center is a white square, where I'll embroider some plants, and then the design around it is red and white prints. It will be a pretty wall hanging for our bedroom.

I'm glad you made a sweater for yourself. I've been pretty good about alternating between projects for me and those for gifts. Right now I'm sewing a cardigan for myself. The J. Jill catalog came and I see they are selling one very much like the one I'm making. There's costs $79 and mine will run about $6. True, mine isn't silk, but it will suit me just fine.