Monday, September 14, 2009

Season Seven done

Just finished watching "Chosen" the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The last TV episode anyway. Season eight is in comic book form and I've got volumes 1 to 4 on my way from Amazon. It'll be interesting to see how Joss Whedon continues the story in comic book form.

I'm sad that Anya died and like how both she and Spike went out in the end. Both so self-sacrificial. There was a moment when Xander asked Andrew how Anya died, and he seemed a little sad but not really. The woman he loved died and he doesn't even cry even a little? Maybe he was just relieved to be alive? I hope that gets addressed in Season 8.

I know that Spike somehow survives the apocalyse and ends up mailed to Angel. Perhaps Buffy climbs down into the crater that was Sunnydale, get the pendant that sucked in Spike, and mails it back to Angel? Again, I hope that gets addressed in Season 8.

It was interesting being so immersed in one series. I also read the snarky recaps at Television Without Pity and I have to agree with some of their complaints about how Buffy and the show was just getting stupider and annoying, that is the characters would do stupid things, like charging in without doing any recon, which pushed the drama quotient, but did they have to do so in such an annoying way?

I enjoyed the series, over all, and now I have 2 options: Go back and watch the episodes that have commentary (love those) or move on to "Dollhouse." Probably Dollhouse, since the next season starts in a few weeks. I better get caught up on that show.

Since I have all the DVDs, I guess I can take a Buffy break and come back to them later.

I may go back and rewatch the episode "Tabula Rasa" where the Scoobies lose their memories and have to refigure out their relationships with each other. Somehow, though Buffy and Dawn connect and guess that they're sisters. Willow's situation was interesting. She and Xander initially have some kind of connection but then as Willow spends a bit of time with Tara, she says "I think I'm kind of gay."

That's kind of the premise of Dollhouse. Despite being dolls with their memories wiped, Sierra and Victor have a connection, and Echo has some kind of self-awareness.

Secondly, it's a statement that sexual orientation is fundamental and fixed. Back then, about 10 years ago, the lesbian relationship and the kisses were so chaste, compared to all the hetero sex that occurred. Nowadays, Willow and Tara would have been as graphic as the hetero relationships.

I also get a kick out of how they call Xander Alex.

This episode, and the whole Buffy/Faith thing, speaks to the nature vs nurture thing. Both are Slayers (nature) but because of their upbringing and life experiences (nurture), they turned out differently.

The same with the episode "The Replacement" where Xander gets split into 2. SuaveXander got the apt and the promotion because of what Xander inherently had. But a bad homelife and supposedly being put down all the time led to him to be the goofy loser Xander.

In other knitting news, still somehow my stitch count is totally off. I'm going to thread in a life line and try to keep cranking away and fix it as I go.

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