Monday, September 28, 2009

Angel -- meh

Got the first 2 discs of Angel Season One from the library. I have all the other Joss Whedon shows, so I thought I'd take a free look at Angel before deciding to buy.

So far, so meh. Granted I've only seen the first 2 episodes. I'm going to watch the other 6 episodes from the library before making a decision.

What I'm liking so far:
1. Cordelia. I love her directness.
2. Kate Lockley the police officer, played by an actress who went on to play Asst DA Serena Southerlin on Law and Order.
3. Lindsey MacDonald, smarmy lawyer. Being married to a lawyer, I like watching lawyers and lawyer shows. Husband doesn't.

I never had a thing for Angel and his broodiness, so watching a show built around him is harder for me.

Still, not giving up. I'll be watching with an eye towards how the themes compare to Buffy, Firefly, and Dollhouse. That should be a fun exercise, if nothing else.


Saranga said...

Ugh, Angel is awful, until the last season, where Spike returns. Like you, I dislike Angel so possibly this wasn't the best show for me to watch, but i'm a Buffy completist. There are one or two very good episodes in season 1, and like a lot of US shows it ends on a cliffhanger. Which explains why I kept getting suckered back for more.
Don't buy, rent or borrow from the library.

KnitTech said...

It was a on channel I never watch (okay rarely), so I have no clue.