Monday, March 30, 2009

First thoughts on Torchwood

I've gotten through the first 7 episodes of season one and am enjoying it pretty well. My thoughts in no particular order:

1. I'm enjoying the Welsh-ness of the show. I know very little about Wales and like the episodes where the characters get out into the city and countryside.
2. The show is like the X-Files, though I don't think I've ever watched an entire episode of the X-Files.
3. "Countrycide" is very scary and gory. I had to fast forward through that one.
4. I like how the actors look like real people, gap-toothed, no-implants, wearing sensible flat shoes because they actually run after suspects, instead of the ridiculously revealing outfits and high heels that American actresses wear.
5. Ianto is my favorite character so far. Maybe because of the name, maybe because I have a thing for guys with dark hair and the actor looks good in his suit.

I became interested in Torchwood because Firefly is over. Torchwood doesn't quite scratch the same itch for me as Firefly, but I'm enjoying it on it's own terms.

Now to find the Torchwood blogs and throw myself into that on-line fandom.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Torchwood is here

I got my copy of season one of Torchwood. Husband's away half of next week so I'll be doing some serious TV watching.

Last Friday, I missed Dollhouse because for some reason, I thought it came on at 10pm not 9pm. And I was all engrossed in watching Serenity, again and missed it.

This blog for the next few weeks will focus on either TV, knitting, or moving. However, reading about other people's moving adventures is about as exciting as watching contractors lay bamboo flooring. And my knitting is all about the Sean Scully Malabrigo garter stitch blanket. Again -- exciting!

So TV it is.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday night Whedon-fest

Okay, I broke down and bought the collector's edition of Serenity with the bonus extras. I love the extras. I love knowing the story behind the stories and the creative process.

Tonight, Husband's off to a hockey game so I'll have the evening to myself. I'll be firmly parked on the couch, knitting away on the Sean Scully blanket as I watch hours of Serenity. I will take a break to watch Dollhouse. I missed Firefly when it was actually on TV and I never watched Buffy. I actually would like to be current on a Joss Whedon show this time around. Also, Whedon's apparently been touting tonight's episode as the one to watch because it explains things for those of us who missed the past few episodes.

Shades of Firefly. Fox aired the Firefly episodes out of order and left out entire episodes, which didn't help the show find viewers.

Plus, Alan Tudyk (Wash) is rumored to be on the show, so I'll be keeping an eye out for him.

Yes, I am geeking and geeking hard.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Jane Brocket's post the other day about the stripy house reminded me to post an update on the Sean Scully Malabrigo blanket.

The New Yorker Magazine with Michelle Obama on the cover included for scale. And color.

I'm making up the pattern as I go a long and are using these Sean Scully pictures as inspiration:

Friday, March 13, 2009


I've watched each episode of Firefly and I think it's time to step up the geek TV. So I'm going for Torchwood. I'm not a huge Dr. Who fan, but think I can get into Torchwood, which is supposed to be darker.

Today I got my new library card for the city of Atlanta. I haven't moved into the new place yet, but already I'm getting the bills there. So I got my new card and got some new books. But I'm most excited in that the Atlanta public library has the Serenity/Firefly books and season one of Torchwood, which I have requested. I'm second in line.

There's 7 disks of Torchwood and I can check it out only a week at a time. I'm thinking if I like what I'll see in that week, I'll buy the box set from Amazon. And then share it with Sister, who lent me Firefly and Serenity to begin with.

I'm not ready to call myself a Browncoat (Serenity/Firefly fan) but I do wish it wasn't cancelled. I doubt it'll be resurrected anytime soon, given that Joss Whedon has another show out now, as does Nathan Fillion who played Captain Tightpants -- I mean Capt. Reynolds -- in Firefly.

I tried Battlestar Gallactica but I've missed way to much and very little means much to me. Hence the need to move on to other escapist TV and Torchwood.

ETA: I broke down and ordered season 1 of Torchwood. I waited too long and the cheapest used copy was gone, but still got a new copy for about half the Amazon price. Husband's got a hockey game Friday night, so I have hours to fill. I'll probably take a break to watch Dollhouse too.

Last night, I tried watching Castle, Nathan Fillion's new show but just couldn't get into it. Both lead characters are played too heavily. Now I know what critics mean by shows trying too hard. Plus, Castle just talks too damn much.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Geek Flag Flying

While Husband was away, I spent the weekend watching Season One (and only season) of Firefly. I've always been a scifi fan. It's a space cowboy show by Joss Whedon and now I'm delving into the on-line world of Firefly. I really want to know what brought Zoe and Wash together and how that relationship works at all.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

waiting for Saturday

Husband's going out of town for work and it seems like it's been forever since I've seen him. In actuality, it's only been since Sunday and we had a really nice dinner in our new neighborhood on Saturday. However, in the days and evenings since, we haven't really been able to spend time together. He's been working late nights getting ready for this business trip and I miss being able to spend time with him.

But! He will be back Saturday and we'll have a nice dinner together. In the meantime, I have lots of yarn to play with, videos to watch -- Season One of Firefly, packing to do, errands to run, and friends to see, so it's not like I'll be sitting at home pining away sitting next to the phone. I'll be doing all of the above while carrying my cellphone with me. And missing him.

added March 6: Husband (and I to a lesser extent) worked long hours last week and both days last weekend as well as this week, so I've seen very little of him for the past 2 weeks, so that's why I miss him so much. But he'll be back tomorrow. Yay!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sean Scully blanket update

I am loving the garter stitch, Malabrigo fest. The yarn is so soft! I'm really enjoying the green section. It's one strand of Saphire Green (the light green) and one of Verdes (the dark and light green varigated). Loving the marled look that results. This is what it looks like now, with the pieces roughly placed where they will be in the end.

These and the one up top are the Sean Scully pictures that inspired this blanket. Sorry about the blurry pics, but you get the idea.

I knitted the orange/yellow/white and purple/grey pieces separately. Then threaded onto a cable needle the orange/yellow/white and cable-cast on more in blue (one strand Malabrigo Buscando Azul and one some blue Cascade 220 left over from Husband's blanket). Then I knit back in the green. When the vertical green sections separated by thin blue stripes are done, I'll sew on the purple/grey piece. Not sure if I'll try to match up the stripes or not. I'm pretty much winging it.