Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I've started watching Heroes again. What I'm liking so far:
1. The deaf woman who starts experiencing synthesia -- when people can see colors when they hear sounds or tastes when feeling things. I think that's just cool. I'm curious about what will come from that power.
2. Samuel's character and the mystical tattoos. I like tattoos and have thought of getting one for years, but keep finding reasons not to. Not least of which is the pain factor and I have other uses for my money. Like buying yarn.
3. Claire going to college -- totally making me think of Buffy going to college. I really don't want her and Gretchen to have the relationship though. Having a relationship with your roommate?! What if it doesn't work out and then you're living with your ex? One of them could transfer out, I guess.
4. Peter -- trying so hard to be the good son in a messed up family, like Michael Bluth in Arrested Development.
5. Ando and Kimiko and Hiro -- last week, Hiro went back in time and changed things so that Kimiko doesn't hate Ando and they are now a couple. Where does that go and what happens to Hiro?

In other TV watching:
~ watched FlashForward on Hulu last night. I'm intrigued at the concept and interested in seeing how it turns out. Also, I really want to see what happens with John Cho's character. I want to see more Asian American couples where the guy is Asian American. AsAm woman, non AsAm man (usually white) is so common. I'd like to see an AsAm man in a relationship, please. Nothing against AsAm woman, White guy, considering that's the kind of relationship I'm in.
~ watched 3rd episode of Angel. Spike shows up, yay! His snark was sorely lacking. And Oz too.

Still searching for a show that I like as much as Firefly and Buffy. I'm thinking Leverage is it.


Saranga said...

Does the deaf lady sign at all?

Red said...

yes, Deanna Bray, the actress, is deaf. More info at

And the doctor she talks with about her onset of synthesia also signs. The doctor's played by Louise Fletcher who apparently also grew up with deaf parents.

Don't know if you get NCIS over in the UK, but the character Abby Scuito apparently grew up with deaf parents. And Abby's a goth forensics computer person, so you gotta love her.

Saranga said...

Not heard of NCIS, but then again I don't watch tv. Tv licences in the uk are relatively expensive, so I just pick up dvds of stuff that I think I will like. I will have a look at the show though.