Friday, September 4, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I have a grant proposal due in 10 days. However with the long weekend looming, I have very little urge to get started with the writing.

I am very tempted to take stuff home with me and write from home. And finish watching the last 3 episodes of Buffy Season 6. Warren's just shot Tara and Buffy. Tara dies but not Buffy. She's like Captain Jack, never staying dead. I know that in the next episodes, Willow goes back to bad, kills Warren, tries to end the entire world, and Xander stops her by telling her how much he loves her.

And of course there are the special features to watch.

I think I may do that. Go home at lunch. I need to leave the office to get lunch anyway, I can just drive right on home. I generally write out the first draft by hand anyway. And I will be coming in on Monday when everyone's gone to finish up the first draft.

See how I just talked myself into playing hooky?

Wait. I can't. I told one of my board members that I'd be in today, to talk about advocacy issues. But I have her phone number and it's reasonable to talk from home....

We'll see how I do at lunch. Oh, wait. It's practically lunchtime now.

No, I'm staying at the office. There's only one other person here and if I, the boss, leaves here here alone, what kind of message is that sending?

Sigh, staying it is.... But I'm leaving at 4pm!

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