Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dragoncon 2009

Husband and I walked 4 blocks up the street to watch the Dragon*con parade. I'm sure there's a ton of pics on line of the parade. There were the usual costumes: from the Star Wars and Star Trek worlds, Dr. Who, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica (recent), pirates, steam punks, World of Warcraft, Mad Max and many others that I didn't recognize. There was even a guy dressed as Wikus from District 9 with the arm and everything. Very, very cool.

My favorites, though were from the Firefly 'verse, of course. There were many Kaylees and Jaynes -- mostly Jayne hats -- and I also saw an Inara and browncoat t-shirt wearers. The best though, were the costumes up top: two by two, hands of blue. How inventive is that?

I was least impressed by the military costumes because all that took was going to the army surplus store.

I was happily surprised to see a friend who was there with his two sons, who were in costume. It turns out that his wife was going to march with the Browncoats as Zoe! How cool! I would totally go as Zoe and Husband can be Wash.

We were going to get one-day passes for today, but the line to buy tickets went around the block. So we hung out at one of the hotels, over by the Trojan Rabbit, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Perfect location for people watching.

I really wanted to see the 11:30am panel with Ianto Jones, I mean Gareth David Lloyd, from Torchwood. But maybe if I get up early enough tomorrow, I'll catch him then. Or, on YouTube eventually.


x said...

Hi ~ I'm the creator of the "two by two, hands of blue" costumes (and marched as the right hand in the parade). Unfortunately, since I was IN the hand, I didn't get any good photos of them. Would you mind if I copied your photo and posted it on Facebook, so my friends can see? I will, of course, credit you properly.


Red said...

Hi X,

Feel free to use the photo. Just no hotlinking, etc. How did you make it? What did you use to provide the structure, and how heavy was it?

Will you be going to Can't Stop the Serenity tomorrow?