Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking forward to the weekend

Ah, it's Thursday! Weekend is so close!

Work continues to be a mixed bag. The staff are stressed because all our funds run out at the end of the month and we don't know what new money is coming in. Got word that a grant proposal we submitted has been declined. Personalities are clashing more. The organization's got an advocacy agenda now but the staff don't like it. I'm feeling tired of it all but don't want to cut and run. And where would I find another job in the nonprofit sector now anyway? We're all in the same boat. I so feel like Captain Mal. Wish I had a Zoe, though. Hell, wish I was the Zoe. Strong, self-confident, and *don't* have the responsibility to take care of the whole team.

On the other hand, we have been invited by a funder to reapply, when we thought that funder was going to cut us off. So that's great news. The proposal's due in 2 weeks, no problem. The problem of course is that we had a brain storming meeting yesterday, personalities clashed, I got criticized (indirectly) about not providing enough managemetn and they also argued that they didn't like the advocacy agenda. Ah, I guess it's still more bad than good.

However, still employed, so that's more than others can say. After all, Brother Two is leaving the country to find a job.

Um, I started this post with the intent to write something uplifting and now I can't remember.

Anyway, still on the Buffy kick. And this morning on TNT I caught the end of a Angel episode where Spike shows up. I hadn't planned on watching Angel, but may Netflix it.

And here's an article I identify with. My situation isn't quite as severe as Jamie Tarabay's but the underlying impulse, I think is the same.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer saved the world and the sanity of NPR's Jamie Tarabay while she was in Baghdad. Tarabay explores why she needed the slayer during her time in Iraq.

eta: Had lunch with a friend who used to work at my org, before I got here. She gave me some good suggestions and helped put things in perspective. It's really good to have a listening ear as I just let all this stuff out. And it helped that she ended it by saying that I have good intuition and should go with what I think is right. Which is good because that's what I was going to do anyway. Still, nice to have confirmation.

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