Monday, September 7, 2009


Ah, the Buffy fest continues. It being Labor Day (happy Labor Day), I'm not at work. But I did bring work home to do -- a grant proposal due on Sept 15. I woke up thinking about it, ready to go.

I also dreamt last night that I was some kick-ass fighter. Very strange, that it would be now, after oh, 100+ hours of watching Buffy fight every. single. episode, that I have the violent dreams. I guess it's because I always fast forward through the fights.

Anyway, this morning I watched the episodes where the potential slayers come to town and Buffy starts training them. And just finished Potential, where Dawn thinks she's a potential slayer too but isn't and Xander tells her she's extraordinary, because it's hard to be so close to the spotlight and never be able to be in it, and yet there she is, still in struggle.

I know that the show is going for the whole "there's only one Slayer, one person who stands between Evil and the rest of the world." But come on, Buffy couldn't have gotten this far without the support and skills of a lot of people. As a social activist, I *know* that anything worth doing is a group effort. However, it's easier storytelling, fact or fiction, to have the One Great Hero, whether it's MLK, Jr, Gandhi, or whoever. Much easier that having a huge list of names and people to remember, and give credit to.

Anyway, back to Potential. The ending was such a sweet moment between them. Apparently in Buffy season 8 #28 there's the possibility that Xander hooks up with either Buffy or Dawn.

Part of me wants Dawn, because of this scene, where the 2 of them can be the Zoe and Wash, two adults who have a healthy relationship with each other, and Buffy can be the Mal, the one person they each have a strong relationship with. Or wait, it was Wash and Mal who each had their strong relationship with Zoe. Still, it could be away for both Xander and Dawn to let go of their competitiveness with Buffy and build a whole part of their life that *doesn't* revolve around Buffy.

Another part of me wants Buffy, for her to finally see what a great guy Xander is, and for Xander to finally have his relationship with her, after so many years of loving her.

And then they realize it isn't the right relationship for them and Xander goes to Dawn. It'll be like Harry and Ginny.

Okay, thinking too much about fictional characters when I should be working on my real life, my real job and my real future.
On the other hand, making huge progress in my current sweater. Knitting with size 10 / 6.5mm needles goes so much faster than with size 8/5mm needles. Millimeters are very small (yes, I am Captain Obvious) but those couple of mm takes you from worsted to bulky and means fast, fast knitting. I'm about halfway done on a bottom up, V neck, raglan cardigan and have joined the sleeves and body. With the v-neck, each row gets shorter and faster. The last part is picking up all along the front for the shawl collar. Which means incredibly long rows, but on the 6.5 mms, I should be done with the sweater by the end of the month.

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KnitTech said...

The dreams might be from the stress of the economy. Sure Buffy helps, but it's pretty scary out there.