Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mental Health Morning

I'm taking the morning off today. I worked both days this weekend and find that I really miss having a block of time, usually Sunday afternoon, just to myself, staying at home. I have nothing pressing this morning, though I certainly have work to do at the office. But that can wait a few hours until after lunch.

So I finished up my Noro Furisode Log Cabin Blanket, above. Eventually there will be a black border around it, but for now, I'm done. I'm ready to move onto my bright stripey blanket that I posted about last time.

In other news, did anyone catch the Firefly reference on Castle last night? When Castle said "I was aiming for his head" I absolutely thought of Jayne. There's a new Firefly book of short stories coming out in June. It's called Firefly: Still Flying. I preordered mine already.

1 comment:

KnitTech said...

Very pretty log cabin, I like the dark blues.

Don't watch Castle, but will end up Netflixing it.