Sunday, March 28, 2010

Second Sean Scully Blanket

After some thought, I've decided to turn this pile of granny squares into this:

The basic construction will be garter stitch log cabin.

First I'm going to knit the center panel in random stripes of black, white, yellow, orange, green, and aqua blue. Basically, unraveling the squares as I knit. ETA: The more I look at this sketch, the more I think I'll make the multicolor stripes thicker. But we'll see when I actually get around to knitting this.

Once I run out of the yellow, orange, green, and aqua, I'll bind off and pick up with white down the side to knit out the white and turquoise blue stripes. If I have enough white or if the dimensions aren't right, I'll pick up on the other side of the multicolor panel and knit out the white and black stripes. Then crochet on a black border to bind it all.

My main inspiration was these 2 Sean Scully paintings. Below is "Heart of Darkness" 1982, oil on canvas, now at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Below is "2.24.82" 1982, oil on paper, in the collection of the artist.
I love his works because they're just stripes which calls to mind quilts, but he combines them in ways that are unusual and strongly graphic. He paints in a way where you can see the brush strokes.

And that fact that he paints stripes makes it very easy to convert into knitting.

Other inspirations include the knitted Block-striped Afghan by Sarah Dallas, and any number of asymetrical stripy folk quilts, such as the quilters of Gee's Bend.

This will have to wait as I'm still working on the Noro Log Cabin. I'm on the last stripe, then will half-double crochet on a black border.

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