Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More free yarn

This is a big box of yarn gifted to me by a friend. It is her mother's yarn who passed away 5 years ago.

Last year she gave me some of her mother's yarn and I made an afghan for her out of some of it. I posted about it here.

The bottom half is superwash wool, worsted weight in burgundy, navy, black, light blue. I love that the labels call them Super Wool. :) The next layers are cotton in worsted weight, in tans. There are balls of white cotton as well.

The top layers are 2 bags of yarn, to be made into blankets for her children. My friend's mother had planned to make sweaters for the then-small grandchildren. So my friend has asked me to make them into blankets instead. I've put them in those space saver vacuum bags, each labeled with the name of the relevant child.

The son, currently 11 years old I think, has sage green, mustard yellow, hot pink, and teal yarn in worsted weight cotton. These yarns were bought in the 1980s. I'm thinking something like Kiki Mariko from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Or something stripey like I thought about in this post about my Sean Scully blanket. or the post called Quilt Inspiration about knitting something based on Kaffe Fassett. My friend had given me lots of black yarn previously too so I'll mix in a lot of black to unify it all. That's the idea anyway.

The daughter is now 4 years old and her yarn is fingering weight cotton in lavender and white, and there's alot of it. With only 2 colors, I'm thinking something lacy. I'll have to troll Ravelry to find something appropriate based on yardage. Once I go back and calculate how much yardage there is.

My friend said there's no timeline on getting those blankets done, so that's good. She also offered to pay me for making them. My first thought it "no, all that other yarn is payment enough."

It's also hard to think how much to charge. I could track all the time I spend knitting the blankets and then multiply by some amount of money per hour. Using $10 an hour as a number plucked out of the air, it's possible that each blanket could cost hundreds of hours if not more. Is that something I want to charge a friend? Maybe I'll not charge anything, but at least let her know how many hours I spent per blanket. I'll figure it out when the time comes. I have to knit them first.

What's also fun is that my friend is Bosnian and so some of the yarn labels are in Bosnian so I'm not sure what their content is. I'm treating those as hand wash yarn.

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KnitTech said...

I'm sure you guys will work something out for exchange.