Sunday, April 4, 2010

to the Georgia Supreme Court and dressy exercise clothes.

Tomorrow Husband's arguing a case before the Ga Supreme Court. It's his third time doing so, but my first time going to see him do his thing.

To fortify him, I'm making a roasted chicken with leeks and rutabagas.

In other news in my life, I visited REI yesterday. It's the first time I've been to the outdoor gear store to actually get anything for me.

Now that we live downtown, we've been walking more. For example last summer we regularly walk 2.2 miles one way to the baseball stadium. Lately, now that spring is here, we've been walking over a mile one way to dinner.

So I thought I'd get some clothes made specifically for this activity. I am not kidding. Among my junk mail recently was a catalogue from, a company that makes women's clothes for tennis, yoga, golf, swimming, hiking/adventuring, running/walking, and nicer stuff for hitting the town after a day for roughing it. It's a subsidiary of Gap, which is nice because I bought a pricy skort at Athleta and a cheap skirt from Old Navy which will be delivered together.

I also got a dress with built in support because I may walk 2 miles for exercise, but there is a restaurant stop in the middle.

Now I'm on the hunt for dressy exercise clothes. Hence the trip to REI. On their website, I saw some good candidates but wanted to try them on first.

I walked in and immediately felt out of place. I don't do any camping, rock climbing, etc. However, there was clothes shopping to be done so I forged on. I did find some skirts but not the dress I came for. Tomorrow I have a meeting near another REI so I'll stop in afterwards.

Fortunately with the popularity of yoga and people running errands after yoga/exercise class, there are dressier exercise clothes out there. I will be using mine for walking around a totally urban environment, that's all.

Tomorrow will be quite a day: Ga Supreme Court, immigrant rights meeting, REI.

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