Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Evolution of a style -- Pottery

Here are pics of my latest batch of pottery.

I could crop the photo but then you wouldn't get the wrinkled bedsheet/temporary tablecloth.

Here you can see a family of pieces with their related styles. It started with this book on wooden buildings and this picture of curving shingles really caught my eye. So I started carving my pieces based on it. I first wrote about it in Nov 2009 in the post called Carving Clay.

In this grouping below you can see how I started with the curves going horizontally, then vertically. The vertical lines are easier to carve but I like the white piece best. You can really feel the ebb and flow of the lines.

Below are some other pieces. To make sure the carving showed up, I used translucent glazes, like the green, or ones that would "break" on the texture. With the white glaze, I think it's pretty opaque so I wiped off some of the glaze.

A close up of the texture: Not a big fan of the color but love how it shows up the texture.


Saranga said...

Nice work!

KnitTech said...

Very nice! I really like the green one.

KnitTech said...
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