Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fellowship Revisited

This past weekend was the annual American forum of the Europe fellowship thing I did this spring. It was great to see almost everyone again. I was one of 16 people and 10 of us showed up for the forum.

The forum was kind of like the fellowship: going to meetings all day, not all of the topics were interesting to you, so you had to figure out how to stay awake (surreptitious stockingnette knitting in the round, which I can do without looking, under the table really helped), lunch meetings, and late nights.

The forum was held in my city, so at least I could go home, spend some time with my husband, and sleep in my own bed every night. I had to leave every night at about 11:30 so I could be home by midnight. I know I missed some partying, but that's okay. Some times I felt like "But I'm gonna miss something fun! I don't want to miss anything good!" But then I realize driving home dead tired would be really stupid and dangerous.

Besides, these forums are held annually in the US and in Europe, so I'll see these people again, and to see new people too. It's not like this is the one and only chance I'll ever have again.

All in all it was a really good weekend.

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