Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Still tired

I took yesterday off from work and just slept in until 10:30. Such bliss.

The afternoon was spent throwing pottery. I would start with 8 or 10 pounds of clay, but would lose at least a pound during the centering process. The clay comes in rectangular blocks and I cut smaller blocks from it. Well, it takes a lot of upper body strength to smack a corner-y piece into a relatively rounded piece. Once on the wheel, it took even more strength to squeeze it into a centered cone, scraping off a pound or so of clay in the process. Then I could begin to open it up, pull it up, and shape it into a bowl or jar.

During my four hours there, I've made a couple of tall jars with lids, a medium bowl, and another big bowl, but I'm thinking I'll have to cut about an inch off the top (there goes another half pound). It's thin and weak with airbubbles. When I trim the bottom, I'll have to turn it upside down while leather hard and let it rest on that thin rim. Not a prospect I want to consider. I left the bowl on the batt so next time I go, I can pop it back on the wheelhead and it'll still be centered.

I've got about 5 pounds of clay scrapings that I'll harden up and then wedge (knead) up. Then I can throw it again.

Today, I'm feeling it in my pectorals, biceps, deltoids, and elbow joints. But I'm happy. Any day throwing pottery is a good day.

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