Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fall shopping

It's still above 90 degrees, airconditioning weather, but I started pulling out some of my fall staples: wool pants. They need time to air out before wearing. I've actually been wearing my silk and cotton sweaters and wool skirts all summer.

After mowing the lawn, then recuperating by watching 2 hours of the America's Next Top Model marathon, I was inspired to do some fall fashion shopping.

I started at Kohl's to scope out the new Simply Vera line by Vera Wang. Nothing I would wear, other than the black skirt, but I already have several. I was really looking for flat front pants I could wear to work. Being petite, finding pants is hard enough already. I guess I'll just have to go back to Talbot's for that.

I was hoping Vera would come through for me, but she didn't. Well, Simply Vera just started. Maybe in the future, she'd remember us shorties.

Next up: platform shoes, which I've been wanting for a while. Well, I tried some on and came to the conclusion that platform shoes look ridiculous on me, as I secretly suspected. First of all I looked at myself in a full length mirror, which you know never lies. Secondly, they were not comfortable. So that's that.

I comforted myself by going to Ross next door and getting several silk/cotton V neck sweaters for $15 each. I got all my usual colors: red, medium grey, black, and white. If only they also had cobalt blue, emerald green and lemon yellow, too, I'd be set for the rest of the year!

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Stacey said...

It is in the lower 50's here in Denver and I'm so relieved. I love being able to put on fall clothes. I'm sick of the heat and hope it is gone until next year. Sounds like you had fun shopping. I ordered some sweaters from Lands End and LL Bean, where I'm almost always able to buy some red clothes.