Monday, September 10, 2007

Red shoes

I still want red shoes. I want red, high heeled, look-at-me shoes (not to be confused with f-me shoes). Some thing work appropriate, fun, and comfortable.

Instead, I bought more yarn ($45.28 worth from KnitPicks and qualified for free shipping!) in yes, red, and black, and the new Folk Style book. Dare I make and wear the red skirt on the cover? We shall see.

The Honorine sweater continues apace. One elbow length sleeve done, the other almost done. Then pick up and knit the neckline, and then lengthen the bottom. It's just too short, so following Grumperina's advice, I'm going to cut off the bottom few rows, pick up the stitches, and knit down.

I remember reading about her doing this to something she made and e-mailed her to ask. And she was so sweet to e-mail me back. So I practiced on my swatch and now feel ready.

Off to a meeting. I wonder if they would mind me knitting. It's an afterwork meeting, with progressives, they should be okay with hand crafts, right?

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