Sunday, September 2, 2007

Found my waist

It may seem strange that I've lived almost 37 years and just discovered my waist. For some reason, I thought my waist was where my belly button is, in the space between the bottom of my ribs and the top of my hips.

Then I started knitting the Honorine sweater with waist shaping and really looked at myself. Most patterns are not made with petite, short waisted people in mind, so I knew I'd have to amend it. I also borrowed How to be a Budget Fashionista by Kathryn Finney from the library. She had a tip that to find your waist, bend sideways, and where your body creates a crease, that's where your waist is.

That's when I realized that my waist was actually right at the bottom of my ribs, about 1.5 inches above where I thought it'd been. Hmm.

So what does all this mean? It means that I really am very short waisted and should really only shop in the petite section. It means that empire waisted dresses really are my friends. It means that I should shorten all the tops I knit, and don't have to buy as much yarn.

Now I wonder what else I've been clueless about.

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Sassy in DC said...

Yes, you can save a lot of yarn because you are knitting a shorter top, but does it look good? And those empire-waist dresses are tricky because you can look dumpy and/or childish. Plus, bikinis are not your friend.