Monday, October 1, 2007

Criminal record part 2

Last week I learn that the accountant the temp agency sent had a criminal record, regarding fraud. So they sent another accountant.

I should have asked for a background check on the other accountant first. Because today, after requesting it, I got the new person's background check which showed a possible warrant for her.

What's going on with this temp agency? They advertise on the radio, talk radio as well as NPR, touting that they are an international company, and they send me 2 people without clean records?

I know that people deserve a second chance, but I want to make that decision myself first, and with due diligence and thoughtfulness.

I told the temp agency to send me someone who definitely did not have a warrant out on them and I am willing to wait until later in the week if necessary.

I have such a headache now.

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