Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The week's not getting any better

Just got the call from the temp agency that the accountant they had been sending us turned out to have a criminal record, regarding fraud.

Let me repeat that: the accountant, who deals with our money, who had access to our social security numbers, who had access to the bank information, has a record of fraud, of cheating people or governments out of money. Gah!

This is just too bad. I really liked her, and she worked hard, and she gave me answers I was looking for, and I had thought about hiring her permanently.

The temp agency will be sending someone else from now on.

And I will be looking to hire someone permanently and will be sure to conduct a background check.

Since I'm working on the budget, I'll add a line item to pay for background checks.

I'm going home, going to have a beer, do a little knitting, and then go throw pottery.

The week started by reading in the paper that someone I know in a similar work situation has been arrested for fraud. Then I spent Monday with the treasurer of the board who wants the budgets presented in all different kinds of ways. By the way, the fraudulent accountant came through with all the answers. Then yesterday I got a call from a funder placing severe restrictions on how we are to spend their money. Then this morning was spent defending the budget to the full board (at least it was only a handful of people). And now this. And it's only Wednesday!

The week isn't over. I wonder what's next. I'm buckling up for the drive home today.


Stacey said...

Whoa! That's insane! I think I'd be cowering under my desk and hiding from the world!

Red said...

Well, I've certainly thought about it. Instead, I went to pottery class and learned to make a teapot.