Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zoe and Zoe

Just watched 137 Sekunden the most recent episode of Flashforward. We finally see Zoe, Demetri's fiance played by Gabrielle Union and we also see Zoe from Firefly, okay, Gina Torres who played the FBI boss's wife, Felicia Wedeck.

I like that Demetri decides to go forward with his life, even though he got the call that he's going to be killed. In Zoey's flashforward, she says she sees their wedding and sees him. But on TV when they show her vision, it's not clear that Demetri's there. And Demetri lies and says he saw the same thing.

The show's getting more interesting. One vision seems to be disproved- Mark's AA sponsor's daughters remains are in the grave, proving she's not alive, as in the vision. And another seems proved, the one shared by the Nazi and the airport agent. So who's to say whether Demetri's or Zoe's visions, which seem diametrically opposed, will be true? Is the person telling Demetri about his death telling the truth? Is Zoe telling the truth, or is she lying, just like Demetri is?

Free will, self-fullfilling prophecy, predestination, all still up the air. And it was reported today that ABC will air the whole season, so we should get some answers.

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