Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy weekend and still got TV in

Where to start?

On Friday, Husband and I went to see AC/DC in concert. Had some friends over for dinner beforehand. We got take out from Maggiano's and it's a testament to their food that I've been eating leftover spagetti all weekend... and still like it.

On Saturday, I watched a lot of Angel. I'm on season 2, borrowed from the library, but I finally bought a used set of all 5 seasons. Then in the evening, went to a charity casino event. I had the little black dress and all, but no shawl. Even though I have 4 projects on the needles, perhaps I can knock out a shawl. Not that I know when would be the next charity event I'd be going to.

And today I watched the pilot for White Collar. It's been on practically endless reruns since Friday. Cute show. As I told a friend, this could be my next show, now that Leverage and Burn Notice are on hiatus. Plus Matt Bomer and his hair are such eye candy.

Still haven't seen "Belonging" the Dollhouse episode that explains Sierra's backstory and shows just how evil the Dollhouse is. I know it's dark and will push all my women's rights buttons, so I'm waiting for the right mood for it. Possibly later this afternoon But I will watch it.

As for Flashforward, I haven't watched the 2 most recent episodes, but will eventually Hulu it, probably later tonight, while Husband's watching football.

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