Monday, October 5, 2009

What I haven't been watching

In TV watching news, it turns out that I didn't watch Dollhouse, FlashForward, nor Stargate Universe. Friday we went out for dinner. Saturday I worked and then went to the first Thrashers hockey game of the season. Sunday I finished watching my Leverage disc from Netflix and Angel from the library. Then we went to the Metallic concert.

Gotta say, not all that impressed by Dollhouse. don't have any burning desire to Hulu it. Angel is still meh. I'm waiting for Wesley and Fred to show. And Jayne and Zoe, I mean Adam Baldwin and Gina Torres show up at some point. And because I'm liking Leverage, I'm waiting for Lindsey McDonald to show again.

As I think Saranga mentioned, she's a Whedon completist and I am too, sort of, so I'm gonna persevere with both Dollhouse and Angel. Good thing I have the knitting to keep me going too.
I've caught bits and pieces of SG:U since Syfy keeps rerunning it. I'm sure if I Hulu it, it'll make a lot more sense to me than it does now.

Tomorrow Husband's doing a day trip to Statesboro, GA for work, and won't be home until late. I have a happy hour with the people I did the European Fellowship with, but should be able to squeeze in Flashforward at least. I'm looking forward to that, since John Cho's character's fiance shows up and she's played by Gabriella Union. An interracial couple that does not include a white person!

No offense to my white husband, friends and relatives, but it's pretty darn refreshing to see a relationship that doesn't revolve people's whiteness.

I'm liking Racialicious's discussion of Flashforward and Heroes, which I will most likely watch tonight if Husband's not watching football. If not, it'll be on my Hulu list.

Tonight's game is the Packers vs Vikings, with Brett Favre. The Packers and the Vikings are great rivals. Brett was the Packers' golden boy, then switched to the Vikings. Not sure if he's still retired or not (the guy can't make up his mind.) I can't believe I'm writing about football.

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