Friday, October 2, 2009

FlashForward prediction, as distraction from stress

Work angst continues. People don't want to do what they have to, funding situation still up in the air. Yesterday I told Husband that if the 3 grants I feel pretty confident about don't come through, I may have to go part time. That set off some financial angst on his part that just made me feel crappy and unable to sleep.

On top of that, our renter lost his job and his aunt's house got flooded out by the torrential rains we got in Atlanta. So she and her kids and dog moved in but we still haven't gotten a rent check for October. I've been trying to straighten that out, but until the aunt calls me back, not much I can do.

On the other hand, the biggest of the three grants came through today (Hooray!) and I'm making progress with the aunt/potential renter.

To the rescue comes TV. Ah, escapism at its best. Caught the last bit of FlashForward lastnight (will watch on Hulu later).

Spoiler alert if you haven't watched it yet:

Here's my prediction:
First episode: Janis's flashforward is that she's pregnant. Demetri saw nothing.
Second episode: in Utah, D meets another person who didn't see anything in the flashforward and then she dies. Back in DC or wherever they are based, D gets called into the office at 3am and talks with Janis. She convinces him to post this flashforward on the Mosaic website. Then as he leaves the office, D gets a call that he'll be murdered in March 2010.

So my prediction is that due to working long nights together, D and J get together and D is the father of J's baby.

What I'm enjoying about the show:

Clever use of our wired, social networking world. People can post their flashforwards on the Mosaic website and try to contact the other people in their flashforwards. Clever.

The question of pre-determination and free will. Just because it's in your flashforward, does that mean it will definitely happen? Or can you still change it? For example with Janis's pregnancy. She said she doesn't feel the biological clock ticking, yet now that she has this flashforward that she's X months pregnant in April, will she get mating at the appropriate time to make sure that flashforward happens? It may be subconscious but it's there.

What about Mark's drinking and his wall of pictures? Because those photos are in his flashforward a certain way, he's primed to look for those specific things and pictures. The flashforward becauses a self-fulfilling prophesy. What about the drinking? That he had under control before, can he still?

And Demetri's death? The caller specifically says murdered. Does he take steps to avoid it? But how if he doesn't know how he's killed? And is the caller telling the truth? It's one thing to believe in your own flashforward. It's another to believe in what someone tells you about it.

Tricky, tricky. I missed the "Lost" bandwagon, but I think I'll get on with FlashForward. And when will we see D's fiance Zoe? Is that a shout out to Firefly? Or just wishful thinking on my part?

Also, it's a toss-up on what I'll watch tonight at 9pm: Dollhouse or the series premiere of Stargate Universe. Or we may be watching some sports event or not watch anything at all. Ah, the beauty of Hulu. And I'm sure Syfy will re-run SU a zillion times before the next episode.

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