Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random things from a random mind

1. still sick. bleh.
2. it's my birthday today. :) going to dinner later tonight at Serenbe, a really interesting conservation exurban planned community that emphasizes sustainable living. Article here.
3. going to work at some point today for a few hours.
4. Husband's friend mentioned that it's ironic that the day Pres Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize that the US bombed the moon.
5. I voted for Obama, but think it's way, way too early to award him the Nobel Peace Prize!
6. I really would just rather spend today on my couch knitting and watching TV.
7. Dollhouse is getting better again.
8. Watched Sanctuary on Syfy. It's Canadian, and I see references to Torchwood, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, X-men, and Buffy. One character even says "Five by Five." I have to look up what that means.

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