Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family visiting!

Yes, a post that's not about Buffy!

Yesterday, I talked to all my siblings, all in the space of about 2 hours. Rather unusual that I would have talked to all three of them. Usually, I'm talking to Sister because we're less than a year apart. Or Brother One because he also lives in Atlanta. Brother Two I talk to the least because he's, well, the youngest, I'm the oldest, and possibly we have the least in common.

However, today Brother Two comes to visit from NYC. Brother One will pick him up and we'll all meet at my place and we'll go to dinner with Husband.

I've taken vacation for Thurs and Fri because Brother Two leaves Sunday back to NYC and I want to maximize time with him. Also, on Monday, Brother One is going back to Taiwan until November. He's having a hard time finding a job in Atlanta (like everyone else) and is going back to see what his options would be there. Our parents live there and we want one of us to be there as they age, and Brother One volunteered.

Even so, I have a fundraising dinner meeting tomorrow and I have to work on Saturday. Doing a panel and 2 workshops about women's leadership.

We have nothing really planned. As Brother Two said, he just wants to relax, being "irresponsible and/or inebriated." That can easily be arranged :)

Too bad Sister can't make it for the mini-reunion. But we will be convening at my place for Thanksgiving this year, and Brother One has a return ticket back to Atlanta for mid-November.

So I talked to Sister because Husband is organizing a pool for Project Runway and I asked Sister and Sister's Fiance to join. They will and now there's 10 participants in the pool. Makes for more fun.

Rules: Each participant chooses 3 designers. Each time one of your designers survives a show, you get one point. At the end the participant with the most points wins. So you want to hope that your 3 designers don't get eliminated early in the show. Ties are broken by rock/paper/scissors, best of three. Husband is so cute :)

My picks are: Christopher Straub who won the first challenge, Irina Shabayeva, and Shirin Askari.

Okay, one last Buffy note: This morning I just watched "I Was Made to Love You" (Yes, I've taken to watching an ep before work, so my hours are 10am to 6pm now.) Buffy comes home at the end to find her mother dead on the couch. The next episode is "The Body" where they all deal with her death. This is an episode that's always mentioned as one of the best, and obviously, one of the most heartbreaking. With family visiting, I don't know if now's the best time to watch that, but I don't want to skip it either. I want to watch them all in order. I'll have to find a time when I know everyone is out to watch it.

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KnitTech said...

Happy visit!! Since the Husband has a bunch of home brew, Brother Two can be where he wants to be.