Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I'm going vs. what I should be doing

What I'm doing:
  • Writing my blog.
  • surfing Ravelry for a cardigan pattern. Never mind that I have the yarn and pattern picked out and swatched for the Mirabella cardigan.
  • Surfing Facebook.
  • Drinking wine.
What I should be doing:
Working on a grant proposal due Friday. But since I'm going out of town Friday, in reality, the proposal's due tomorrow.

Sigh. It's 10:56pm. I should hunker down, knock this proposal out and go to bed. Then tomorrow morning look at what I've written, make edits, have someone else read it, finalize, and e-mail it off.

It may be another late night tomorrow. Because I have other reports and such due tomorrow too.

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