Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hmm, not what I expected.

Just received the yarn from Elann for my Ravelympic sweater, the Mirabella Sweater from Interweave Knits Summer 2008. The pattern calls for bulky yarn (16 sts = 4 inches which is 4 sts to the inch) for size 10 needles.

I got On Line Linie 119 from It looks more like a worsted weight, but the gauge says 21 sts = 10 cm. It's been a while since I've done the metric conversion, but after a bit of math, it looks like Linie 119 knits up 5.25 sts to the inch. So it's the wrong yarn for the project. Hmm.

Looks like I'll have to go with my back up project, which is this scarf in Great Adirondacks Soxie in Blueberry. Gorgeous emerald blue, cobalt blue, and royal purple. Just my colors. This picture does no justice to the yarn.
That's about 8 inches done and I don't think I'll have enough yarn. Of course, the yarn shop where I bought the yarn 2 years ago doesn't have anymore of that colorway. I looked it up on line and found places that carry Soxie but not in Blueberry. I may have to get a similar colorway in Soxie for the ends. I'll call it a design feature.

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