Sunday, March 2, 2008

Went Miami, and did nothing but eat, drink, and walk

This weekend, Husband and I went to South Beach, which is the southern tip of Miami Beach. South Beach has all the pastel Art Deco buildings, like these:

Yes, they like the neon and flash in South Beach.

But this is the first notable building we saw in South Beach

Made me think of this post by Crazy Aunt Purl about the Liquor Bank

View from the hotel:
Nice, eh? Everyday, we spent a significant amount of time on that beach, soaking up the sun.

Husband and I talked to Father-in-Law in Wisconsin while lying out there. He said there was 2 feet of snow on the ground, that it hasn't stopped snowing since December. Made me enjoy the sun and sand even more.

After checking in, we went to Joe's Stone Crab for lunch. Cutting through an alley, we saw some white ibises and pigeons scavenging from the trash. When they saw us coming, they starting scooting away.

The rest of the trip was basically about walking up and down Ocean Drive or the beach. Really, we explored very, very little of South Beach. But that's okay. The purpose of the trip was, well, there was no real purpose, other than to enjoy ourselves.

And so we did, doing a lot of this

Not pictured: the various margaritas and mojitos we enjoyed, nor the food. Mmmmm, great cerviches and Italian. Also not pictured: the scantily clad beautiful people (hence the South Beach Diet), the other tourists, and the locals who lived there before the gentrification set in.

We made sure to get tables right on Ocean Drive so we could enjoy all the high end cars cruising up and down. By high end, I mean Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, and other cars Husband assured me were worth more than our house.

Here's one:

Don't know what it is, but it's expensive.

Our last night there, we saw LLCoolJ walking into Lario's, a restaurant partly owned by Gloria Estefan. I didn't see LL, but Husband did. He caused quite a stir (LL, not Husband). There was a black SUV with tinted windows and a security guy out there.

Somewhere in here is LL getting into the SUV:

As I was trying to take pictures of LL, the waiter for the table next to us (jokingly) thought I was trying to get a picture of him. So he and one of the guys at the table next to us agreed to pose for a picture:

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