Sunday, March 16, 2008

Close calls

Over the weekend, a tornado hit downtown Atlanta, blowing out windows of the CNN Center, various highrises, and tearing roofs off residences. A few people were killed and lots of property damage.

Brother Two called, wanting to see if we were alright, which we were. Some of the condos Husband and I have been looking at were narrowly missed and the night before the tornado hit, Husband and I were downtown at a Thrashers hockey game.

We've been that lucky before. On Sept 10, 2001, we flew out of Boston's Logan airport, on our way home from a wedding in Maine. Needless to say, the bride and groom didn't get to go on their honeymoon to Jamaica on Sept 11, 2001.

Then yesterday a construction crane in near the United Nations buildings in Manhattan fell, cutting through buildings and killing some people. I knew that Brother Two worked near the UN complex so it was my turn to call him to see if he was okay. He was, and said he didn't know the accident happened until evening.

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