Sunday, March 16, 2008

48 Bottles of Beer in the Pantry,

48 bottles of beer, take one out, pass it around...

Actually not yet.

Last night Husband and I spent 2 hours bottling our first batch of homebrew beer. It's not a difficult process. The hardest thing was trying to keep all the equipment sanitary, because any contaminant would ruin the whole 5 gallon batch.

It took a lot of water to wash 48 beer bottles and I kept thinking that we're in a drought situation, couldn't I save the water for something?

We were concerned the caustic cleaning agent we were using would harm the plants, otherwise I would use it for watering. As it was, it just went down the drain.

In the end, we got 45 and 3/4ths bottles filled, capped, and stored in the pantry. We would have had 46 bottles, but Husband did a little sampling along the way.

The beer has to sit for 2 weeks for it to be carbonated and drinkable, and 5 weeks for it to be optimum. Husband plans on sampling each week, just to see how it goes.


KnitTech said...

First beer batch is always a grand experiment. There is a yahoo group for home brewers which would be helpful. The waiting is always the hardest part. Good luck!

GrillTech said...

I'm glad you sugared and then bottled. Frome your previous post I thought you were going to add sugar and leave it in the bucket for 2 weeks. That would have been bad.

Take a bit of advice from me. No matter how good or bad this batch turns out take 6 bottles and stash them. Try some in 6 months and then again in a year. If kept in a dark place you will find the beer even better over time.

Let me know when your ready to start trading recipes. :>