Thursday, February 28, 2008

New(ish) car

This week I got a 2005 Honda Accord, grey exterior, grey leather interior. Heated seats! Sun roof! CD player! Total upgrade from the 1997 Accord.

In all the interactions with the salesmen (and they were men), it was just me, without Husband. This is significant because I kept wondering if they were trying to take advantage of me because I'm a woman.

Over the course of 10 days, I did manage to get them to bring the price down, so I'm happy. Mainly I'm happy to finally be done with looking at cars and just having a nice car to drive around in.

One of the other places I looked at, I went with Husband. At that big car lot, the salesman kept trying to talk to Husband too.

Husband's reaction was "Hey, it's her car, it's her decision, I don't need to be part of this." And he left to run errands. It was rather annoying to have the salesman keep talking to or about Husband. I wanted to say "Hey! Talk to me! It's my car, not his. So back to me. Especially since Husband's not even here."

So now I have a new(ish) car. And I get to park in the car port, because now my car, the 2005 Honda Accord, is the better and more expensive car, over Husband's 2000 BMW. hahahahahaha!

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KnitTech said...

Where is the picture of the new car?! You can't brag about getting one then not show us.