Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Closing a door can open possibilities

I just had a brain flash at work. I realized I could close my office door. I am an accessible boss but that doesn't mean I have to be accessible to everyone all the time.

Now, instead of reacting to them whenever they come in asking for this, that, or whatever, I will have the peace and space to concentrate that I need to finish the 2 grant proposals that need to get out the door today. These are 2 proposals that support significant portions, if not all, of the staff's salaries. You'd think that they would understand that but open door means open access.

So I have put a sign on my door that says:
On Deadline
Do not disturb
unless this is a pressing matter or
you have information relevant to the grant proposals due today.
I will be available from 1pm to 2pm to answer questions, sign documents etc.
Thank you.

Somedays I have some really good ideas.

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