Thursday, August 9, 2007

We're Not Such Bad Kids

Well, I called my father yesterday and we actually talked for 5 minutes!

My father is not a big talker in person and even less so on the phone. Everytime, if he answers the phone, he will hand off the phone to my mom within 5 minutes.

Last night, at about 9:45, I called home. My dad answered. I told him happy father's day, what did you do yesterday to celebrate? Sorry we (the kids) didn't call yesterday. He said that they didn't do much, he and my mom just got some cupcakes (aww how cute) since none of us kids were there in person, so it's not such a big deal.

I asked if they were going to come visit at Thanksgiving, as mentioned earlier this year. He said, let me find your ma and ask her. He left me hanging on the phone and I could hear him calling for Ma, then she came on the line.

Ma and I chatted and they will just come at Chinese New Year next year when they have 3 weeks off, instead of coming in November when they can't get away for as long. Now that Brother Two is in NYC, Sister in DC, me in Atl, and Brother One's location TBD, they need more time to travel around to see all their kids.

Also, one reason they thought about coming at Thanksgiving is that Ba will turn 65 right around then and he wants to fill out the paper work regarding Social Security (ah, at least that's still there for them, unlike anyone coming after the baby boomers). However, many government workers will be on vacation around then too, I'm sure, and that would be a less efficient time to go get government paperwork done.

After some more chit chat, I asked Ma to put Ba back on the phone, since it is a Father's Day call. However, true to form, he ended the call soon after. I told him, that this was just the first call of the day, he's got three more coming.

Need to make sure he doesn't use up all his words right away :P

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