Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One of those days

One of the toilets at work overflowed and spread water all over the carpeted hallway. Again.

So I called the leasing office to say hey! Toilet's overflowing! Leasing manager said that he was sending the maintenance man and to turn off the water.

So I grabbed some paper towels, walked through the water, cursing, and leaned down to turn off the water.

G--D--n it.

We've complained about the toilet before and just this week the manager and the maintenance guy came by to look at it.

I'm just glad Complaining Employee wasn't here today (she doesn't work Wednesdays). Yesterday at staff meeting she asked about getting a dishwasher or disposable plates, because those are more hygenic than washing by hand. What, she doesn't know how to hand wash? Does she think there's some cleaning fairy that comes around to clean up after her?

She'll also complain that there are dead bugs in the hallway, instead of picking it up and throwing it away herself. When she pointed it out, I said "Good. That means the pesticides are working." Hello, again, there is no cleaning fairy!

I hired her knowing that she'd be difficult to manage, but come on!

She also has a painful past, with family members killed by militia, and a personal history of protesting her previous country's government, which is why she's a refugee.

Personally, she bugs the hell out of me. However I keep her on staff because she is representative of our clients. The refugee experience is traumatic and the mental health aftershocks continue even after they are physically safe in the US.

I talk the talk about needing to support refugee women. Keeping her on staff is how I'm walking the walk.

And no one ever said it would be easy.

But is it too much to ask for toilets, in a big, modern city in the US, to freaking work!?!?!

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