Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Father has Bad Children

We all forgot Father's Day.

Today, August 8, is Father's Day in Taiwan, where our parents live. The word for "8" and for "dad" are homophones. That is, they sound the same: ba.

So today is August 8, which is 8/8, which is ba/ba, which is ba ba, which is father.

However, while it is 8/8 in the US right now, it is 8/9 in Taiwan because Taiwan is 12 hours ahead. If I called right now, it'd be 5:30am the day after Father's Day. Damn!

I just realized all this half an hour ago as I was taking a phone message, and wrote in today's date, 8/8. Light bulb went off and guilt kicked in.

Called Sister right away to ask if she called. She didn't. Crap! Ironic, because Sister's the only one who writes home regularly (she's the only one I know who still writes letters on stationary) and had just mailed off a letter two days ago. Plus, she's Daddy's Little Girl.

Called Brother One. He didn't call home either. On the other hand, he did send a Father's Day card in June, so someone remembered at some point this year. It helped that he works at a Hallmark store, surrounded by holiday reminders. I think one of us may have called home in June too. But I don't remember.

Sister called Brother Two, who said he didn't call either. He had an excuse. He had just moved to NYC this past weekend and started a new job.

So tonight, one day late, my father will get calls from all four of his kids, all of whom have forgetten Father's Day.

Shame on all of us.

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Stacey said...

Lyz and I both still write letters on stationary, so your sister is in good company helping to keep the postal service in business. Don't beat yourselves up too much for forgetting; you're all good kids.