Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wanted: Emerald Green DK warm weather yarn

Not to be picky or anything, but how can it be so hard to find?
Very close to finishing Sister's sweater. The sleeves are seamed, the body of cardigan is done, the collar knitted on (I-cord bind-off takes forever, but looks very nice), and it's all washed, blocked, and drying. Then all I have left is to sew the sleeves on, buy and sew on buttons, hem the sleeves, and weave in the ends.

Finishing takes forever. There's so many little things that need doing. It's so close to being done, I just want it to be done and be able to move on to the next thing. However, I do have a couple of deadlines to motivate me.
First, Sister's birthday is in late September, and I want it to be done by the time I go see her. You may be impressed that I'm done with it in early August. However, I had promised it to her last September and it's taken me about 18 months to do this.

Second, last weekend in September is a conference where I'll see many of my friends I did the Europe trip with. I want to make the Honorine sweater from to wear to the conference.

The conference will be in Atlanta, which will still be very warm, so the yarn has to be cotton or something similarly cool. Plus gauge is 22 sts = 4 inches, so that's DK weight.
The yarns used is Rowan, but it doesn't come in the rich, saturated, emerald green that I want. I did order some CotLin from in Moroccan Red, along with Big Girl Knits (promised Ma a sweater), and Fitted Knits.
If anyone knows where I can find warm weather yarn, DK weight, in emerald green, please leave a comment and let me know.
Maybe I'll make the short sleeve version in the red CotLin, and then make the long sleeve version in green later if I ever find the yarn.

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