Monday, August 6, 2007

sleeve problems

I have sewed on one sleeve of Sister's sweater and found a problem:

The sleeve is much, much too long and too wide, even though I held it up to my arm as I was knitting it. Also it's too wide in the shoulders, so the sleeve droops even more.
On the other hand, the body of it fits well and I'm very happy with my first try at knitting cables.
I may have to re-knit the collar, though, for the third time.
And I thought I was almost done.
Well, I guess Sister may have to wait until winter to get this.


KnitTech said...

I've been thinking about knitting that sweater. I like your colors. Good luck with the sleeve.

Red said...

Ah, it will have to go back to the knitting basket and maybe the sleeves will shrink on their own. Actually, I may have to sew on the sleeves with a bigger seam allowance, as it were.

Despite it all, I have enjoyed knitting this sweater. It's the right amount of challenging and mindless stockingnette. And it's a good looking sweater, as long as I can fix the sleeves.

Don't let my misadventures stop you from trying the sweater.