Monday, July 27, 2009

Up Early

Both Husband and I are up early. In my case, hours earlier than usual. Part of it is the stress of what I have to get done before going out of town. Part of it is just hunger, since I didn't have very much dinner last night.

My goal today is to finish a draft of the grant proposal and then I can reward myself by stopping at Knitch to get some yarn for a new project. We will ignore for the moment that I have 4 works in progress.

I really liked the blanket I gave my friend Darija and want to make one for myself. I have 2 balls of Berroco Foliage in the Carnations colorway. It's got light turquoise, lime green, lemon yellow, and hot pink, colors that are a bit outside my usual palette, like the colors in Darija's blanket.

I have some turquoise and pink yarns in my stash already so I want to go to Knitch and pick up some lime green and lemon yellow. Maybe some kind of purple too. I'm also going to add some orange from the stash.

The yarn is wool, but so is the yarn for my modified Hermia cardigan and that hasn't stopped me. It helps to have airconditioning. And the Foliage yarn is just so pretty! I figure the yarn will cost me about $25.

This will be my reward for getting through this week (already did some stress-induced crying). Plus a celebration of the fact that I got the house in Austell rented out! The new tenant is the son of the neighbor across the street, the tenant's new bride and possibly his grandfather.

I checked the weather for Buffalo, where we're going for Husband's family reunion later this week. The weather ranges from the 60s to the high 70s F. Wool knitting won't be a problem. Plus I have a cotton baby blanket that I can work on when the weather's hot.

This will probably be the last time I use Bernat's Cotton Tots yarn. It's really soft but lightly spun so it sheds like crazy. The yarn is white and I usually wear black and other dark colors, so I have white lint all over me everytime I work on it.


KnitTech said...

Define early.... :)

Red said...

For me, anything before 7am is early. I understand others may define it differently :)