Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ready for the Guests

Today 12 of Husband's family and friends from Madison, WI and Buffalo, NY are coming for the weekend. Brother-in-law is running the Peachtree Road Race of July 4.

Mother-in-law, B-i-l, and his wife will be staying at our place. So Husband has been cleaning and scrubbing for weeks. The result:
Our place will most likely never be this clean again.

This is what the refrigerator looks like now. Please know that this is NOT how our refrigerator usually looks. We don't normally have a zillion beers in there. Not pictured: the 40+ bottles of our second batch of homebrew beer.

Here's the schedule:

Today: The Madison crew, Husband's immediate family, arrives at 4pm today. The Buffalo crew, the extended family and friends, arrive at 9pm.

Tomorrow: I take Husband's family to the Georgia Aquarium for the afternoon, Husband and his mother will go food shopping and fill up the rest of the refrigerator. Then we all, including my own Brother One, will convene at our place for dinner. And probably drink all that beer. Well, we are talking about 15 people.

Saturday: Brother-in-Law runs the Peachtree Road Race, the other 14 of us go watch him. After race lunch at the Varsity, home of hotdogs, burgers, and more salt and calories than you can count. Not sure what the afternoon holds, probably a nap. Reconvene at our place for dinner and fireworks. We're up on the 23rd floor, facing Centennial Olympic Park and should have a great view of the fireworks.

Sunday: everyone goes home.

Monday: Husband's goes to court for trial. Husband's an attorney and will be there representing client. I may take Monday off. Not sure yet.

Let the festivities begin! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

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KnitTech said...

Sounds like a fun, busy weekend. Enjoy!