Saturday, July 25, 2009

First dinner party at new place

Quite the utilitarian title, I know.

Last night Husband and I had our first dinner party at the new place. Arguably, the first dinner part ever. When we lived in Austell, we had a few parties but we lived so far out in the suburbs, I had friends say that they couldn't make it.

It was a rather grown-up affair. We invited 2 other couples: the friends we went to the Braves game with last Friday (the Buffy fans) and one of the other attorneys at Husband's firm, and his wife, who is also an attorney. A former Assistant US Attorney General, in fact.

Who could I invite who would get along with these people? I invited a guy who is an attorney who is also an executive director of a nonprofit organization, which is how I know him. More importantly, he's a really personable guy who could talk to anyone. However I have not yet met his wife who apparently is on the shy side. The dinner party was kind of a last minute thing and they didn't have much notice for getting a baby sitter. Plus his mom just went into hospice and so he's not quite in the social mood. Next time I'll give them more notice.

And, we actually ate at the dining room table.

Husband set the menu, which had a Spanish theme. There were 2 kinds of paella: seafood and chicken, an assortment of cheeses, salami, and preserved seafood things (okay, tins of mussel and octopus), blanched asparagus, and for dessert angel food cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberries. Husband did everything, I just made the sangria.

A happy coincidence: The former AUSAG just got back from visiting their daughter in Spain. She was doing a summer exchange thing. So they brought Spanish wine.

A good time was had by all, and people left at about midnight. Before the Buffy fans left, I lent them my Firefly DVD set. I will convert them yet.

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