Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is it here yet?

Just got a call from the front desk of my condo. I have a package waiting for me.

Oh! Could it be my Buffy videos?!? I hope so. I'm just at the point where I'll find out how Xander and Cordelia get together (thanks Wikipedia and your summary of all 144 episodes). Is that how Wash and Zoe got together?

On Monday, I got together with some other executive directors of nonprofits and I mentioned my BtVS fixation. I mean, I've been staying up until 2 am watching videos and knitting. One of my friends asked "Escapism much?" My answer is "Yes!"

Plus, the guy to plays Xander is such a little cutie. Why not escape to Sunnydale for a few hours?

In other fun news, Husband is inviting people over for dinner on Friday, including the Buffy fans. I'll see if I can't convert them over to the Firefly love too.


KnitTech said...

So if it wasn't Buffy, what was it?!

Red said...

eh. There was a car in the garage with the lights on and they wanted to check if it was mine. It wasn't.