Saturday, July 18, 2009


Last night Husband and I went to see the Braves vs. Mets with two friends: one of Husband's former colleagues and her husband. They're Mets fans and we're Braves fans. Actually I'm not really into baseball or sports really, but still take pleasure in noting that the Braves won, 11 to 0. Yes, we trounced them.

They turned out to be huge Buffy and Gaiman fans. They even have the Buffy comics. She even contemplated going to Dragoncon (held in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend) this year but they'll be in Canada at that time.

Friday I had a long lunch with some peers -- people who also head up nonprofit organizations -- and we all commiserated about how tough things are in this economy. For better or for worse, in front of my staff I try to keep an upbeat and realistic front. People know things are uncertain, but I try not to be full of doom and gloom. With my peers, however, I feel I can drop that facade and really say what I think and feel. So while it was nice to have that kind of supportive space, ultimately it was kind of a downer day.

Once we got to the game, thngs looked up. We spent the evening talking about Buffy and a little bit about Firefly. They've seen all the Buffy episodes and only a few Firefly though they liked Serenity. We talked Neil Gaiman. We talked other fantasy and sci fi. It was great. The fact that I accidentally dropped my hotdog just as I got back to my seat and had to get another one did nothing to dampen my spirits.

They're coming over for dinner next week and I'll loan them my copy of Firefly. I will convert them just as Sister converted me. And I also ordered my own (used) copy of Buffy seasons 1 to 7 on Amazon. I had been borrowing them from Brother One's friend, but now, I decided, if I'm staying up until 2am just to watch Buffy, then I really should invest in my own copy. Besides, it was only $116 for all 7 seasons. That's a great deal!

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KnitTech said...

That is a good deal for the Buffy seasons.

Hopefully things will start looking up for you at work.