Friday, January 11, 2008

Request from Sister

Sister left me a voice message, saying that everywhere she goes, she gets compliments on the sweater I made her. Again, it's made with Manos del Uruguay in Eclipse, using CosmicPluto's Top down Raglan Cardigan pattern.

She is requesting another one, but this time in a different color, longer and with a button band instead of ties.

Well, it'll have to go to the end of the line, behind:
  • earwarmer headband for Ba
  • hat for Ma
  • scarves for employees (thankfully I only have 4, and big needles make fast work)
  • Brother-in-Law's vest
  • Top down raglan cardi for me

Also ongoing

  • Husband's afghan
  • Brother Two's Chinese Coins afghan
  • my own Hazy Corners Malabrigo afghan
  • Lotus pillow

Sister'll get her sweater for her next birthday, in September.

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