Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year, New Hair

No "before" picture, but it looked basically like this, but black:
Now it looks like this:
I think I lost 5 pounds just from the cut. I definitely lost 6 or 7 inches of hair.
This is not the first time that I went from long hair to short in a single cut. The first time I did it, some of the other people were a little dismayed that I was having so much cut off.
However, long hair takes work. And it hangs heavy on my neck and I always want to pull it up and off.
Last night Husband and I went to a party and I curled my hair to make it look all nice and full of body, like in the fashion and hair magazines. That took half an hour and a lot of heat and product. By the end of the night I was playing with my hair, wishing I had twisted it up and out of the way.
So today, I went in to Great Clips and said "Cut it off. Make it short in the back, slightly longer in the front, and bangs. Here's a picture." which I had cut from a hair magazine.
Now I feel so much lighter and freer.

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