Monday, January 28, 2008

Georgia Primary, coming up!

Georgia is one of the states in the Super Tuesday presidential primary. I have the option of doing advanced voting this week. I live about a mile away from one of the advanced voting locations and really, all the signs say I should do it this week and avoid the crush next week. Not that there's much risk of a long wait, since US voting rates are pretty low and even lower in the primaries.

What the stars don't tell me, however, is who to vote for. I've wavering between Clinton and Obama.

Clinton because I think her experience in the White House does count for a lot. Being a wife myself, I certainly hear a lot from Husband about his job and have acted as a sounding board at times. Plus she campaigned with and for him, for the governorship and for the presidencey. And even without those qualifications, she is smart, capable, and I agree with a lot of her politics.

On the other hand, I like Obama because he talks about the future, about moving forward -- a mindset that I really live by. Plus he's smart, capable, and I agree with a lot of his politics.

What to do, what to do?

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