Monday, April 19, 2010

Battlestar Galactica: the Miniseries

Well, now that Caprica is on hiatus, I've started BSG. Yesterday I watched the miniseries and can I say: Hello, Apollo!

Because BSG is over, I'm doing the DVD marathons via Netflix. had a good sale on DVDs and I thought about getting BSG but then realized, hey, I haven't even watched any of it yet!

As I watched the miniseries, I tried not to compare it to Caprica or to anything about future episodes. On the one hand, it was easy not to, because the story itself is compelling and there's lots going on. On the other hand, as some things popped up, like Number Six and religion, I thought about the role of the Soldiers of the One on Caprica and the controversial last episode of BSG. I haven't seen any BSG until now, but as one who reads TV reviews and pop culture, I was aware of some of the things going on.

After watching the miniseries, I surfed the net for info on BSG, like at and Wikipedia. Some of what I found was surprising, and of course all of it were spoilers. But there's several seasons of BSG and mini-series and between seasons movies, that there's so much that I doubt that any preknowledge I have about any particular plot point will diminish my enjoyment.
After all, the point of watching shows, like reading books, is seeing how things unfold, not just what happens in the end.

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KnitTech said...

Won't tell you much other than, the series ended one too soon. So they had to complete story arc's and bring up stuff that kinda leave you hanging.