Friday, April 23, 2010

Stitches South 2010

Went to Stitches South for the first time today. Stitches is a knitting expo, with classes and a marketplace. I went for the shopping and above is a picture of my haul.

I went prepared. I took a limited amount of cash and when it was gone, I went home.

The highlight, other than the yarn I bought, was meeting Rachel Herron. That's her book up there. I first learned about her through her blog She's a 911 operator, knitter, and now author.

The Lisa Souza yarn will become a scarf someday. The green Creatively Dyed yarn will become a shawl for my mother in law. It's 1300 yards of fingering weight, almost laceweight yarn.

All this just in time too because I'm almost finished with a Noro multidirectional scarf and will need another portable project. Not that a huge honking ball of yarn is portable. Winding that skein will be quite the project for tomorrow.